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This month, GavickPro brings you closer on what's happening in the world.
Delivering daily round-up of the latest breaking news stories, information, online news service, high-profile global cases and current stories as they unfold, the latest Gavick Pro Template provides it all, with the necessary professional tools, indispensable to publish in the most elegant and organized way. Freedom of information and speech is a legitimate and absolute human right, so be proud of unveiling all the Worldwide News Today!
This joomla template comes with new extensions: GK News, GK Headlines, GK Categorys and new style for joomla News Image Show (module dedicated for Photoslide GK3).
GK News
GK News joomla module is an advanced solution for those who want to present their articles organized in sections and categories. Dropped down blocks with sections guarantee optimal space use on the site. Thanks to support for GK AJAX component and settings panel application for each section, user has the possibility to adjust the content to his/her needs by choosing category, section order specification in component and the number of articles presented. The use of data stored in cookies files allows the Internet user to save configuration created in his/her computer. By joomla template system, it is possible to set appearance of individual module parts with the data downloaded from database. Thanks to this, possibilities of module appearance change are nearly unrestricted. Undoubtedly, by its possibilities, this module suits perfectly as the main element of Information Exchange.

GK Headlines
GK Headline joomla module is an easy in support module used to present the latest articles from categories chosen. Thanks to joomla template system for displaying elements and information downloaded from database, user is able to change module appearance easily by customizing it to his/her needs. Thanks to GK AJAX component assistance, there is a possibility to load asynchronously another or positions from database, just after loading the site. This module is a perfect solution for Information Exchange where organizing the space on the site is essential.
nemesis media
While creating The World News, we used 3rd party extensions in order to get its newspaper style. We used wonderful JComments (from JoomlaTune) to comment articles and SmartResizer (from Lot-Studio) to differentiate the size of photos used in articles.
We used new table-less HTML overrides from YOOtheme company (GNU/GPLv2) to optimize The World News for search engines. For reduce the number of HTTP requests generated by images, we used the CSS Sprite technique.
An overview of the key features of this joomla template are as follows:

* Tableless design and 100% css based.
* 3 Color Theme Style (Blue – Red – Green)
* Build support for the new GK News GK1 module with exclusive build-in template design.
* Build support for the News Show Pro GK1 module with exclusive build-in template design.
* Build support for TabsManager GK3 component for tabs content display with exclusive build-in template design.
* Build support for PhotoSlide GK3 component with new Image Show style (thumbnails block).
* Build support for new GK Headlines module.
* Build support for new GK Categories module.
* Build support for GK Highlighter GK1 module.
* Build support for GK Weather GK1 module.
* Build support for GK Stock GK1 module.
* Build style support for Jcomments Component (3th party free extension).
* Build support with SmartResizer plugin (3th party free extension).
* Build support with Cufon fonts generator.
* New template parameters administration panel with more friendly interface and automatic check-in available updates.
* Disable option for mainbody appearance on front page.
* Option for mainbody and component position display.
* Full template width customization, by setting template, right, left and inset blocks (GK framework - beta version)
* Option for family and size font on template parameters.
* Option for use compressed template CSS and compressed template JS.
* Full control of Login, Register, Date, time and style button display on frontpage.
* Support for social links display.
* Easy footer content configuration on template parameters.
* Build support for WYSIWYG Friendly Template Typography editor with GK Typography plugin.
* Compressed engine option for each modules.
* Support for language file translation.
* 3 layout options: 3 columns (left + component + right), 2 columns (left or right + component) and 1 column (component).
* All 54 modules are fully collapsible and more 20 modules positions ready for tabs.
* Impressive built-in content style.
* Gavick Suckerfish menu version, with 2 built-in options - Suckerfish menu and Mootools. 34 different styles moomenu animation effects.
* Speed menu animation option.
* New table-less HTML overrides from YOOtheme company (GNU/GPLv2) to optimize for search engines.
* Optional IE6 Warning / Upgrade Notification with design.
* Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design
* Joomla 1.5 Native
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
* Fully compatible IE7,IE8, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
DEMO Gavickpro The World News joomla template
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