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This another joomla component if you want to auto publish your video in your joomla site, support version joomla 1.5 native version.
JomTube Video Gallery Features
JomTube Video Gallery is the most Powerful Video Extension made for Joomla 1.5x Content Management System (Joomla Video Component) which will allow you to transform your Website into a professional looking Video Gallery with functionality that is similar to JomTube Video Gallery extension video gallery and has been created specifically for the Joomla 1.5x (MVC) Framework and can not be used without Joomla 1.5x as Jomtube is an extension of Joomla and not a stand alone application.

nemesis media
Jomtube was originally created for my Mixed Martial Arts website which was established in 2003 and has over 93,000 registered members which offer Video Techniques online. I wanted to convert my site over to Joomla 1.5x so i began exploring and testing the other Video Componenst on JED and they fell fall short of what I needed. So from there Jomtube Video Gallery was born and I have personally dealed with running a Online Video Gallery and Subscription site for over 6 years now and we will continue to develop this Component at a fast pace because there are lot of feature that i still need for my site! We have been woring on this day and night since November 2008 and the fun part now that we have got all the major framework done. JomTube is a Powerful Video Gallery that allows you to Create and Manage your own Video Content Library and has been designed to handle thousands of Videos. Its been designed so you can create your own Family Website and you can Add and few Categories but also has the power to add and manage a large number of sub Categories allowing to to create a very well organized Video Gallery. If you go visit you can see it in action with over 6000 Videos in over a 100 different Categories which i have already added so far as my library is expected to be around 50,000 videos. Jomtube gives you the option to Embed Videos from Remote Servers like Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video, Vimeo,, Clipser, Revver, and many more to come which will allow you to run your site for low cost since all the bandwidth usage and hard drive space is located on the video server sites. You can also allow your members to Upload Videos and they will be processed server side and converted to .FLV or .MP4 depending on your preference. There are powerful Tools in the BACKEND that will allow you to BATCH UPLOAD hundreds of videos at once. So if you already have a large library of Videos locally or on some Remote Sites like you can build the Video Part of your Site Very Quickly.
nemesis media
Anyone wanting to create and Professional looking Video Gallery for Joomla 1.5x. Our clients have used Jomtube for creating and sharing family videos, Corporate Video Turtorials, Schools, Instructional Videos, Extreme Sports, as you can basically make you own Youtube Style site that is very well organized and contains only Video content that is Related to your website. JomTube Video Gallery will allow to create an online community for member to share their videos with each other and we will be Integrating Jomtube with Jomsocial so you can make a powerful Social and Video Network. Just wait!! as we have some great planned features that are coming that will takes your site to another level where the rest fell short!
* Users can upload videos from their own computers using Flash Uploader
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support From Frontend
* JomTube Video Gallery uses FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, MENCODER to convert Uploaded videos to flash videos
* Videos are organized and displayed into YouTube Style video gallery
* Frontend appearance can be changed using Template Plugins
* List Videos By Newest, Most Viewed, Hight Rated, Featured
* Detailed Category Listing System
* Users Can Rate Videos
* Users Can Comment About Video JomComment Integration Option
* Multi-language support
* Module Support For Newest, Featured, Highest Rated, Most Viewed Videos
* Options For Custom Module Position In The Component With Power to Adjust the Width and Size Making Your Layout Unique
Backend Main Features
* Add, Delete And Edit Categories/SubCategories
* LOCAL Batch Uploading of your Videos in .FLV Format
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support
* Auto Creation Of Thumbnails With FFMPEG For Local Videos
* JW Player Intergration And Skin Support
* Manage Video lists and Edit facilities
* Manage Category lists and Edit facilities
* H.264 Codec Conversion Support .MP4
* User can Disable FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP
* Jomtube can run on a Server without FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP and you can manually add the thumbnails.
* Import Remote Videos from hwdMediaShare
* Import Remote Videos from Seyret
* Flash Uploader to Making Uploading Videos for Local Conversion
* supports the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob video formats.
DEMO jomtube video galley joomla 1.5 component
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