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SIMGallery is the only (yes, ONLY) Joomla gallery system that was developed specifically with communities in mind, and is integrated seamlessly with Community Builder or JomSocial.Tired of all the galleries extensions out there that provide tons of features that 90% of users don't need? Looking for a component that allows your users to upload and share their own photos, but every "solution" you found requires hacking, modifying, or compromises certain functionality? I know I am, which was why I created SIMGallery.
You do not need to hack / modify / slash / set it on fire in order to have a community-driven gallery. If you have a community site and is looking for a way to allow your users to manage their photos, SIMGallery is not only your best choice, it is your only choice! SIMGallery looks and works EXACTLY like Facebook's photos, with even BETTER features!
* Joomla 1.5 native, integrates with CB or JomSocial
* Users can:
o Create/Delete/Edit albums
o Upload multiple photos at a time (JPG, PNG, GIF)
o Edit/Delete multiple photos at a time
o Browse through an album without having to refresh the page
o When browsing, copy the URL in the address bar, then pasting it on another window, will load up the correct photo (try it!)
o Re-organize their albums by cool drag and drop feature
o Specify a photo to be the album cover
o Comment photos
o Rate photos
o Rotate photos with cool effect (try it!)
o Set a photo as display picture (avatar) via AJAX (try it!)
o Download photos
o Flag photos as inappropriate
o Tag people in photos
o Grab others' photos and place in their albums
o Complete permissions system (Everyone, Friends of Friends, Only Friends, Only Owner)
o Control who can view their albums, and who is allowed to comment, rate, download and tag their photos!
o Complete notification system
o Control what notification emails they wish to receive!
o Manage comments and tags that are awaiting approval with a very cool and visually pleasing interface!
o etc, etc, etc!
* Admin can:
o Set number of albums per user
o Set number of photos per album
o Allow/Disallow comments/public comments
o Allow/Disallow ratings/public ratings
o Allow/Disallow downloads/public downloads
o Set to display username, name or firstname
o Control which permission is user configurable
o Control which notification is user configurable
o Set a default permission level
o Easily configure thumbnail dimensions everywhere, including modules and CB plugin
o Security images (captcha) for all or public users
o Delete users' photos
o Set whether to auto remove a photo after a certain number of flags
o Receive emails notifying of a photo being flaggedjp
o etc, etc, etc!
* Latest Albums feature that shows the latest albums in the component.
* Includes 3 modules:
o SIMGallery ( allows you to:
+ Display latest albums, random albums, latest photos, or random photos
+ Set number of albums/photos to display
+ Control width of thumbnail
+ Enable/Disable image cropping (to become a square)
+ Enable/Disable tooltips
o SIMGallery Ranking ( allows you to:
+ Display photos based on number of ratings, sum of ratings, ratings (sum divide by number), number of comments, number of hits/views
+ Order by descending (to show the best) or ascending (to show the worst)
+ You can choose to select photos from specific time frames: current week starting from Sunday, current week starting from Monday, past 7 days, current month, past 30 days, all time (no time limit), or custom number of days (you can enter your own time frame)
+ Perfect for holding photo contests and competitions
+ Set number of photos to display
+ Control width of thumbnail
+ Enable/Disable image cropping
+ Enable/Disable tooltips
o SIMGallery Requests ( will:
+ Display comments awaiting approval
+ Display tags awaiting approval
+ Display link to the Requests page
+ Allow users to ignore all requests with one click (just like Facebook!)
o Create multiple modules displaying variations of different albums/photos type by simply copying them in Joomla
* Includes CB and JomSocial plugins that:
o Admins can configure plugin to display latest albums, random albums, latest photos, or random photos of users.
o Number of albums/photos can be configured.
* Includes sh404SEF plugin that gives nice looking URLs
nemesis media
System Requirements
* Joomla 1.5 (native only)
* Community Builder 1.2 and above
* JSON (comes with PHP 5.2.0)
* SIMGallery requires cURL and Ioncube. Although almost every professional grade webhost supports them, please consult your host first if you're unsure. To see if your host supports cURL, download this file zip curltest 1004 bytes and follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file before purchasing.
* (SIMGallery Pro requires SIMGallery to be purchased and installed first)
Browser Compatibility
SIMGallery has been tested to work with the following browsers:
* Firefox 2 / 3
* Internet Explorer 7 / 8
* Opera
* Safari
Language and Styling
SIMGallery utilizes a language file for ease of customization, and every single displayed text can be modified through this language file. The language file can be located in the directory components/com_simgallery/language.
Every HTML element used by the software has its own CSS class for easy styling. The CSS file is in components/com_simgallery/css.
DEMO SIMGallery v.2.2.2 Joomla component
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