RSform! Pro 1.2.0 r22 Joomla component plugin

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RSForm!Pro is a professional Joomla! form, easy to use by everyone, giving the user extended flexibility in the matter of forms creation. With this popular Joomla! component, some new features were added, especially to improve user experience and functionality.
It's even easier! RSForm!Pro it's a powerful Joomla! form creator, helping you to create custom forms in seconds. The new product makes form management much easier and gives you the time to handle your clients better.
RSForm! Pro - Joomla! Form Benefits
* Extremely fast and easy to use
* Send customer submission to multiple managers
* Directly write customer submissions in other tables using the mapping plugin
* Display and edit customizable Thank You messages
* Multi-Language support
* Integrated backup and restore
* Integrated update software - automatically check for new versions of RSForm!
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Pro RSForm! Pro - Professional Joomla! Form Builder Features
* RSForm! Pro is the ideal tool to easily create elaborate Joomla! forms within minutes.
* AJAX driven interface to quickly add form elements, without having to reload the page.
* Upload JPEG images, PDF rich text documents or any other file format with File Type and File Size Control
* All form elements are available with just a click; NO HTML knowledge required to create textboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons and much more!
* Send customized HTML or text e-mails
* Ability to send two types of e-mail messages: one to the submitter and the other one to yourself or any other website administrator
* Export your gathered data to CSV format to use with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or to import in other applications
* Create custom validation rules by adding new validation functions
* Customize events by placing PHP code before the form is displayed or after it's submitted
DEMO RSform! Pro 1.2.0 r22 Joomla component plugin
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