Onetheme modern wordpress premium template

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Take its one by one of awesome wordpress premium template by onetheme,and download full after you see a fearures and screenshoot of course,each templates got standard features as
Thumbnail Generator
One Panel does the work for you when it
Easily search for a post and choose between three easy options:
* Upload an image from your computer.
* Scan the current article for images to assign as thumbnails.
* Grab an image from a URL.
One Panel will crop your image to the right size, not only once, but for all the Thumbnail types you choose to generate for the post.

Localization Tool
One Panel makes language easy…
Quickly and easily search for a language string in One Panel and change it in seconds, (you don’t even have to save your changes). Convert any One Panel compatible theme to your native language, or change the default text to something that suites your site better. And it doesn’t stop there, once you’ve changed the language, why not export the data, so you can import it on another installation of One Panel?
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Homepage Layouts
One Panel keeps your homepage looking fresh…
One Panel comes with the option to easily change your Homepage layout. Depending on the theme creator, you could have various options to choose from when it comes to the design of your website’s Homepage. Our own One Panel themes introduce a new layout every version release. So you’ll never get bored of your website’s homepage when using One Panel.

Image Uploads
Make any One Panel theme your own…
One Panel was created with you in mind. We’ve made every theme dependant image editable. Simply browse though One Panels “Skins” interface, choose the image you’d like to change, then browse your computer for the replacement. It’s that simple.
Plus, if you make a mistake, you can revert back to the default image with a single click.
DEMO Onetheme modern wordpress premium template
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