Kayako 3.50 Live Response, eSupport and SupportSuite script

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At my previous post maybe you have found for a 3.11 version of kayako, and here is their latest released of very usefull of online response,support e.t.c. and now avaiable here for full doanload.
pleased to announce that a new version of our flagship products LiveResponse, eSupport and SupportSuite.
Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is also a major feature of this version - previous versions of Kayako products WILL NOT function properly with IE8. All Kayako users are encouraged to upgrade to 3.50 in order to take advantage of these important compatibility improvements.
SupportSuite provides you with the tools needed to quickly set up a seamlessly integrated, coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your online operation.
SupportSuite is our flagship product, integrating the ticket and e-mail management features of eSupport with the live chat and visitor monitoring features of LiveResponse.Manage your entire support operation, e-mail correspondence from multiple sources and multiple support desk front-ends from a single system.Take a look at SupportSuite's features:

Ticket support and e-mail management
Download e-mail from multiple sources, manage tickets, enforce SLAs and organize your workflow.

Live chat, visitor engagement and visitor monitoring
Monitor, engage and interact with your visitors in real-time. Approach customers before customers approach you.
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Self help resources
Let your users help themselves. Manage multiple knowledgebases, publish guided troubleshooters and more.

Content publishing
Publish news articles to your support desk, RSS and an e-mail list. Manage a file download repository.

Teamworking and task management
Public and private task, appointment and contact management help keep your team organized.
DEMO Kayako 3.50 script
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Full Download Kayako 3.50 script