IP-Tech Invision Powerboard Profesional skin 2009

10:13 PM

After you have get full download of Invasion powerboard V3 (check a previous posts if you haven't got it) now its time for your install profesional skins for your forum board of IPB,very clean template and of course look nice.
A smooth light colored skin with shades of blues, greens and grays.
This skin is designed to work with:
IP.Board 3.0, IP.Gallery 3.0, IP.Blog 3.0 & IP.Downloads 3.0
nemesis media
This skin pack includes:
IP.Board Skin, IP.Gallery Skin, IP.Blog Skin & IP.Downloads Skin
DEMO IP-Tech Invasion Powerboard Profesional skin
Please Report ASAP if there some dead links with reply or post comment here...thanx... a download link button bottom under of this image....
Download IP-Tech Invasion Powerboard Profesional skin