H.H.G. e-commerce multistore community Ed. 3.1 script

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Product Info
The H.H.G. multi-store results from a variety of negative outcomes of the past from the realm of everyday commerce. Problems, such as centralized management of multiple store systems, optimization, or the various work processes, from product maintenance through to final presentation, have been constructed as a framework for the development of the HHG multi-store basis.
Based on the structuring of new work processes, the establishment of a central user interfaces and not to last through years of experience in this area, we were able to provide us many of these problems and with the HHG multi tore a Shop Enterprise Edition software to develop a wealth of operating and functional defects of various Shopsysteme of the past can.
Clearly, clearly structured and user-and operator-friendly operation are the result. Professional orders and processes the resulting consequence.
Immerse yourself in the new world of e-commerce and you will discover also many new opportunities for successful and practical work with the World Wide Web.
DEMO multistore Community Ed. 3.1 script
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