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On the powerful software xt-commerce vers 3:04 building has Gambio during the years of development, more particularly keen that all the important settings from the shop owner himself, even without programming knowledge, using a simple menu guidance are feasible and the shop owner said the greatest entrepreneurial freedom is granted.Often it's the little things, the small but subtle difference. A small adjustment to your daily work easier and the shopping in your store for customers to experience ( "usability" and "Look & Feel"). This function in words and statements to describe is, of course, barely possible - that's why we recommend our test just once to visit shops.
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Note: The shop is also suitable for small and can easily be on the small regime under section 19 UStG be!
The advantages at a glance
This brief overview presents only a small selection of available features and advantage, for a detailed overview, see our feature overview.
* No running costs
It Do not fall for running costs for the shop. (no contract, no annual costs, unlimited use).
* Colors, logos and layout
About the admin area you can easily and without any programming knowledge, the colors, fonts, and customize your own background images and logos deposited with the menu boxes to move more. To create within the shortest possible time and without the source code itself in the need to intervene to create your own personal online shop.
* Unlimited article
Whether you just sell a product or 100,000. You can enter as many items to create and manage, there are no limits.
* Unlimited categories and sub Katgeorien
Even with the different categories and subcategories are no limits. Also you can check the categories nest arbitrarily deeply intertwined.
* Create invoices and delivery (also as PDF)
Create invoices and delivery of your orders directly on the shop, at the request directly as a PDF file which the client then automatically sent to the email address can be.
* Search engine optimization for best results
When programming has great value to the Suchmaschinenfreundlchkeit to put the best results in search engines result.
* Professional support from our support team and developers
Support is important to us. For all questions and problems, our expert support team is available. Before and after your purchase, we will not leave you in the lurch.
* Free updates
All updates, new versions, modules, etc. are available throughout the support period at no additional cost.
* Prorgammierung at the highest level and continuous development
The development is carried out at us on the basis of current standards and using the latest web technologies. With the continuous development according to current trends, we now define the standards and foundations for successful e-commerce of tomorrow.
Functions & Features
Here we want to give you a brief overview of some particularly important or outstanding features, which are already standard in the shop software are included. However, this is obviously only a small sample of all shop functions. Of course you can use all functions in our test stores also extensively test itself. A detailed list can be found under the 'Feature Overview'.
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Categories & Subcategories
You can store any number of categories (product groups) and to create each category in turn, as many sub-categories and for each sub-category in turn, as many sub-categories, etc. There are no restrictions regarding the number of categories, sub-categories and various levels are concerned. Each category can be created with its own Kategorieicon be what the visitors easier navigation and the optical shop anprechender appear. The management of the category is done easily and clearly on the administration area.
PDF invoice creation and delivery
Create easily to each order invoices and delivery notes in PDF format. The documents drawn up so that you can adapt and create easily stored or directly and automatically to the customer can be sent. Through the complete integration into the shop is so annoying copy / paste and also a connection to external accounting software is no longer mandatory.
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Number ranges
The shop offers you the possibility to its own number ranges for customer and order numbers indicated, so that then according to your specification and customer order numbers on an ongoing basis.
Small business regime under section 19
If your small business legislation, may be in the shop, the tax no longer shown. Again, this is not a problem, by a small adjustment, this is simply impossible, you can also use as a small shop use. If the small company will eventually become a large enterprise, this course can always be undone.
Online / Offline functionality
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Sometimes it makes sense to shop temporarily disable, for example, if amendments are made, what you do not want running (which is quite possible). This is in the shop included a feature with which you simply turn off the shop and, instead, an information page appears, weclhe can shape it is free to the visitors as all the necessary information to give.
Special Offers
Any number of articles can be with a few clicks on deals made. The old price is then crossed out in the shop and the price highlighted. The offers are then directly to the homepage and in turn presents its own menu. So you can manage targeted promotions and provide variety to the page.
Regardless of whether new products or promotions: Inform your customers and interested visitors regularly about news, it's free and easy on the integrated function-newsletter.
The newsletter feature allows your customers directly through the shop to receive your newsletter to register. About the corresponding function in the administration area, you can create a professional newsletter, and then sent to your registered customers. To keep your customers up to date and encourage them to visit your shop. Even the sending of targeted newsletters e.g. only to certain customer groups is of course about this feature possible.
Security 128 bit SSL Verschlsselung
Play it safe, because in an online shop you should use the security of your data and your customers are not left to chance. In order to protect sensitive data, you have the possibility of certain areas of the shop through an additional secure SSL encryption. In addition, of course, without SSL encryption, and all personal data and security-related areas of the shop, such as the administration area, password-protected. For the high standard of security is not least the fact that we are active in several thousand shops so far not a single case is known where it was unauthorized, a vulnerability in the store in the administration area.
Do you offer coupons to buy or send gift certificates simply through the shop to customers via email. The value of each voucher, you can of course also free to determine the framework in which this can be redeemed. If a customer is in possession of a voucher that he can very easily during the ordering process and redeem the coupon value is set automatically by the amount to be paid, deducted from the order. Vouchers are available in addition to promotions also excellently suited for handling complaints, because sending a voucher in the complaint case, for example, instead of a referral, you can use customers a simple way to bind itself. The preparation and dispatch of the vouchers, and the management of the entire coupon module with many configuration options made easy on the administration area of the Onlineshops.
Besides the coupons, you also have the opportunity to work with coupons. For example, this is useful when you are in the context of a print advertising a discount to admit. Simply insert a coupon with any coupon code and set its value. This code can then simply flyers, print advertisements, etc., and customers can use this code as a voucher. You are a store owner can of course determine how often a total coupon per customer and can be used. Especially for new customer acquisition, this function is often very successfully.
Let your customers speak for you! The strongest sales argument is satisfied customers. The integrated Guestbook give your customers and visitors the opportunity to leave feedback. Of course only if you want. Protects against unwanted spam, the guestbook on integrated querying a security code (captcha). You are a store owner can of course determine whether you want to activate the guest book and if you, for example, all entries prior to publication manually unlocked and want to check against.
The integrated warehouse store ensures that you only sell as much as you can supply. You can own as shop owner of course determine whether Article still be purchased, although the quantity is no longer available. At the request can no longer easily available items may be turned off and the customer is no longer visible. You are a store owner can, of course ejderzeit the amount available to define and change. If an item sells, the stock is reduced automatically by the quantity sold.
Pricing & Discounts
Besides the possibility of each product to give a price, which will be for all customers in the shop is uniform, this shop offers many additional possibilities.
Customer group Dependent Prices & Discounts
The shop you can with different customer groups and each group of customers you can create your own prices for each item deposited. But they have also the possibility to individual articles or the entire ordering a percentage discount to
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Graduated prices
Also any product can be custom-group-dependent scaled prices assigned. The shop will be scaled prices next to the Artikelbschreibung displayed. Come Season Prices apply to calculate the total price of the store automatically, depending on the quantity chosen by the customer.
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