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You can make your own digital publications by using control panel of PRO-PHP Flash Page Flip.
Visit the control panel and upload your JPEG or SWF formatted pages. Make unlimited category and add unlimited publications into these categories. It is very easy that using the control panel. Also in this version, users can be members of your publications, underline the words in pages, add notes, choose background images and sounds, tell their friends your publications. PRO-PHP Flash Page Flip has also many properties like these. You can make your own publications (Online Catalog, Digital Brochure, Flipping Book, Interactive Flyer, Virtual Magazine, Flip Album etc.) easily by using control panel of Flash Page Flip PRO-PHP Version.
nemesis media
Actual Size
Fit To Page
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Full Screen
Quality Option
Sound On/Off
Print Pages
Select Background Image and Sound
Tell a Friend
Add Note to Pages
Marker Pages
Back Cover
Next Page
Previous Page
Go To Page (Enter Page Number)
Context Menu Options
Keyboard Control
- Flipping: Left & Right Arrow
- Zoom In & Out: + and - Keys
- Move: Left, Right, Up, Down Arrows (on zoom in mode)
- Actual Size or Fit to Page: ENTER
PHP5 Supported
MySQL 4+ Installed
DEMO PRO-PHP Flash Page Flip
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