Fldr flash page flip Full version updated - xml driven

4:25 PM

This will more suitable if you will run your dynamic flashpage.This is a classic flip book based on the idea to create a more intuitive way of browsing PDF ’s and other content. It is fully dynamic and loads external pages in different formats.
* Full XML
* Uses CSS to format text fields
* Smoothing of pages forced
* Pages get an internal shading and highlight
* Pages get scaled on load, which enables you to make crisp zoomed images
* Only a few items in the library with a blank stage, so fully coded
* Automatic thumbnail creation
* Zoom features with extended zoom option
* Internal and external linking
* Define the buttons you need in the top bar
* Multiple button packs included with FLA ’s
* Print options
nemesis media
* PDF download button
* Contact form (PHP included)
* No annoying tooltips, still with user support
* Liquid layout
* Book becomes visible when 8 pages have loaded
* No flipping beyond the last loaded page
* Flash8 support
* MP3 player
* Background image (centered, tiled or full screen)
* Reverse read direction
* Automic flip through engine
* User system check
* Internal lightbox
* Improved loading engine
As stated before, it’s the classic page flip effect, but with externally loaded pages from an XML file. All colors (except for the items in the top bar) can be changed by editing the XML file. Text colors and size etc can be changed by editing the CSS file.
DEMO Fldr flash page flip Full version
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