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1:27 PM is a PTC foreigners at this time became one of the favorite PTC clicker because the number of ads that show quite a lot and earning obtained from referral clicks to reach 100%. After the opportunity to enter in PTC scam list because of payment problems, now comes with back positive image. Image scam also start date with the verification form of payment proof and testimony, and the member's black list PTC by

Number of ads enough average 20 ads a day. Even after all the ads are opened, sometimes appear ad ad the other. New ads will be uploaded every day around 06.00 WIB. To spend the ad before the hour. has two technical problems. First, when the verification code often fails because the login does not appear that he explained alphabet. Do not despair repeat several times until successful. Second, when the ad appears often warned not to fail, or click on login, so the balance does not increase. To overcome this very simple. Close the ad and you refresh the page the ad list. Then click the desired ad again.

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