Get money online program update 2009

1:16 PM

This is the PTC program that has guaranteed to pay and not SCAM, I just want to let you know some sites to earn money by clicking some link on every site that I suggest below to get additional revenue on the internet, and perhaps also when there is or who would like to add another opinion, please just post his comments, I know you may already know this but how would that I also add more in the media this blog nemesis, a sizable monthly salary added from where we work each ya I also like ...
Links from the PTC programs I update May 2009, of the many who have been SCAM and delete let me get the money you hold as the river ngalir ok ..
For those of you new in this, I love to know the steps (for the senior kaykaknya I already know on the steps):
-The first step
Sign up online at some sites under money online, because here the money will automatically be transferred online, for those who have not signed up, please list here and 100% FREE!
some programs (link will be included in the next on this page) have a use PayPal, for those who do not have paypal account, you can directly list here

-The second step
This is important when you step on the first list above, the links below which is a PTC program for its source of money that will be established, is very easy kaliang only list online at the link that I write below and click the link that directly in the control panel of each PTC is (of course after you register), ok aja list directly in the PTC program that I recommend below and list its easy just enter your name, email address and you (if you want to check through a payment) and ID ( Alertpay or Paypal in the first step already described).
Here are a links to get your money online :
Neo Bux
Cash Harvest