Stainless Joomlapraise Joomla! Administrator Template

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Professional Joomla! Administrators need a professional Joomla! administrative template. Stainless adds features, flexibility and style to all the right places in your admin panel.

Optimizations for K2, FLEXIcontent, Projectfork, Tienda, and VirtueMart, along with custom options make Stainless the right fit for just about anyone.

* 5 Color Themes
(Each admin can use a different theme)
* Custom Admin Module Positions
* Visually Appealing Layout
* Menu ACL Options
(visible to Managers, Administrators, Super Administrators, or Hidden)
* 5 Custom Menu Options
(custom links to any admin page)
* Modern CSS3 Styles
* Minimal Icon Set
* CSS Based Accessible Dropdown Menu (no JavaScript)
* Intelligent menu and submenu grouping
* Session timeout / Login redirect
(takes you back to the last page you clicked on when you log back in)
* Component module
nemesis media
* Component List page
* QuickAdd for Sections, Categories, Articles, Menus, Modules and Extensions
* My Profile Quick Link
* Preview Module Positions
* Shortened Header Option (to save vertical browser space)
* MyEditor Compatibility
* SessionBar Compatibility
* K2 Compatibility
* FLEXIcontent Compatibility
* Projectfork Compatibility
* VirtueMart Compatibility
* Tienda Compatibility
* iPhone/iPad/iPod Homescreen Touch Icon
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