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Joomla has been widely used for many websites and for various purposes, from small blogs to large corporate sites. We always try to fill the empty spaces by delivering high quality Templates. Recently we haven't seen many impressive implementations of Joomla in News/Magazines websites. But now there is IT Newsy ready for you.
The power of this template is enormous. As you can see from the live demo the loading time is super fast, because there are no images for decoration and CSS/Javascript is high compressed. The design is grid based, perfect for displaying large blocks of information.

Also to make this template more professional we have made three modules ready for you. IceCarousel, IceAccordion and IceTab will add the final touch to this template. As all our other templates, IT Newsy has every page modified, this include Search, Contact, Poll and User components to name a few. After you have installed this template on your website, you don't need to do anything else, except enjoying your powerful website
nemesis media
* Grid Based Design
* 3 column based layout
* Font Switcher
* Six Different Link Colors
* Compressed CSS and Javascript
* No Images for Decoration
* 100% tabless design and CSS based
* Joomla 1.5 compatible
* IceCarousel, IceAccordion and IceTab modules available
* PSD, Fonts and Sample data available on the download section
* Cross Browser Support

DEMO Ice Theme Newsy Joomla Pro Template
Please Report ASAP if there some dead links with reply or post comment here...thanx... a download link button bottom under of this image....

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