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WordPress Wiki Theme, If you’re looking for a Knowledge Base or Wiki for your company but don’t want or need a full blown Wiki Application. This is the theme for you. Built with a custom Frequently Asked Questions plugin to help extend the functionality of your web site. The plugin acts as a custom write panel that displays in essence short FAQs below posts in their respective categories. The FAQs are searchable and paginate and are not required.
UPDATE 4 /23/09: Fixed the error when no parent category is present. The only file you need to replace is the functions.php and more specifically the wp_breadcrumb_nav function.

UPDATE 6 /27/09: Fixed issues with WordPress 2.8 breaking the FAQs plugin and changed the default to publish instead of draft. Also, added simple threaded comments which can be enabled in the theme options menu.

UPDATE 7 /15/09: Fixed the FAQs plugin for the 2.8.1 WP update.
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Wordpress premium wiki theme features:
* 6 Color Variations to Choose from
* jQuery Live Search & Regular Search
* WordPress 2.6, 2.7, & 2.8 Compatible Theme
* Custom Wiki FAQs Plugin
* Sliding Sidebar Navigation & FAQs Content
* AJAX like on page Login & Log Out
* Quick Links to Add Post & FAQs
* AJAX Star Rating
* Tons of Page & Post Styles Including Info Boxes
* Simple Related Articles in Sidebar
* Bread Crumb Navigation
* RSS Updates for Each Category
* And a few things I’m sure I forgot

DEMO Wordpress premium wiki theme by themeforest
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