Joomla CMS Community Social Extentions Jomsocial V1.6.287

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Your community with your brand
Build your own social network with your own logos, graphics and themes. Customize the look of your community through CSS edits; or use the included templates to get your community up and running in no time.
Create your own social network.
Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla! community... effortlessly!
Customize profile fields.
Create groups. Invite friends.
Send private messages. Comment on walls.
Share photos. Follow updates via activity stream.
Integrate 3rd party components with our robust API.
and much more...
New Features of Jomsocial V1.6.287 Joomla CMS Community Social Netwrok Extentions
NEW! Amazon S3 Storage support
Utilize one of world's cheapest cloud storage solutions to host your photos and videos, while at the same time reducing your server access load.
JomSocial 1.6 allows you to use Amazon S3's "highly scalable, reliable, fast and inexpensive data storage infrastructure-- the same infrastructure Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites!" With Amazon S3 integration, your site can easily handle traffic spikes and your visitors can experience a fast-loading matter where they are!

NEW! Enhanced privacy support
Sometimes your members may just want to post something private for their closest friends only. We understand. That's why we have an enhanced privacy system in JomSocial 1.6. Activity streams, for example, will now accurately show streams from public and friends' activities separately.
If your members want to keep things for themselves, others won't be able to view it. What they deem private...stays private! This applies to all private group activities as well. Private groups also stay private!
nemesis media
NEW! Module Positions
You can now easily load any Joomla! modules within JomSocial content in this new version. We have now added a number of strategically located module positions inside JomSocial. For example, making an announcement on top of all profiles is now easier than ever. Just create a new html module and assign it to "js_profile_top" module position.

Interactive Photo & Video Galleries
Media sharing is one of the most popular activities in social networking. That's why having interactive photo & video galleries in your community is so crucial to it's success.
In JomSocial, your community will thrive as users can...
* Upload videos directly to your community or embed videos from 3rd party video sharing sites. Video-posting capabilities are even built right into JomSocial... so there's no need for separate video components to configure.
* Share videos, photos, group bulletins and discussions with all the major social bookmarking services as well as social networks.
* Create, comment on & share interactive photo galleries with online friends.
* Community members can "tag" their friends in any of their photos.
* Site admin can 'feature' any user, photo or video across the entire community to give it a little more exposure And in JomSocial, there's no need to worry about inappropriate photos and videos being posted to your community, either. Admins have total control over what is posted and can easily delete suggestive or copyrighted material.

Facebook Connect
To make the registration process hassle-free, we've included our new Facebook-Connect login-module in JomSocial, so your members can log-in to your JomSocial-powered community using their Facebook account details. With 350,000,000 Facebook members, there is no reason to not implement this.
Profile pics, status updates & more are “pulled” in safely & securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into your community.

MyBlog Integration
Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your site for more! And in JomSocial, your members can have their very own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages, and share those blog posts with friends via the New MyBlog3/JomSocial plugin (*MyBlog 3.0, a separate purchase, must first be installed on your server).
Additionally, your members' blog posts will now show up in your community's Activity Stream; JomSocial Avatar support is included, and each member can accumulate "user points" with every blog post they make.

Customizable User Fields (Profile)
Want an easy way for your members to find new friends with similar interests? This can be achieved by profile field matching. In the JomSocial backend, admins are free to add any number of custom profile fields for their members to fill out, or have none at all! Fields such as Name, address, city, gender, interests, hobbies, etc. can all be added and set to be “required”…or not!
These customized profile fields make it easy to search for and link members to one another based on age, hometown, interests and more! 3rd Party Friend-Suggest plugins (which help with matching) are currently available in our Add-Ons Directory
Private messaging system
You can keep your members on site LONGER if they message their friends directly from your community, instead of using email. With JomSocial's Private Messaging System, your members can send a private message to anyone within the community
Friend-buddy system (Friends)
Making new friends and maintaining existing relationships is the essense of any social network. JomSocial allows your users to connect and build meaningful friendships with other users in your community.

JomSocial's intuitive design makes it easy to search for and add new friends. And we understand that privacy is important, so that's why we've made it easy for your users to approve or reject new friend requests.
Enhanced Activity stream
Activity Stream
Be in the loop!. Find out what your friend are up to. Don't be the last one to know about a buddys' birthday party!
* keep up to date on what is happening within your social circle
* subscribe to activity stream via rss feed
* find out what other people are talking about
* NEW! Our advanced activity stream previews ensure site admins can hide unwanted activity from ever being shown

JomSocial GROUPS allow like-minded members within your community to build their own mini-communities, made up of members who share their same interests. JomSocial allows users to…
* Create and join groups.
* Create group discussion
* Post on group walls
* Group owner can publish news bulletin
* Admin can control group membership and access
* Subscribe to group activity streams

3rd Party Apps/Plugins
Currently, there are dozens and dozens of external 3rd-party plugins for JomSocial that will enrich your community members' experience. Media Player Plugins for JomSocial (audio & video), Video sharing plugins, Twitter feed plugins, Flickr photo galleries plugins, and so much more await you in our JomSocial Add-Ons Directory--which is updated daily with the coolest JomSocial plugins available.
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