Joomla Auto Club CMS Template

7:05 PM

Need a Joomla template to support your auto shop or car club? Then this template is for you. This retro auto theme template is ideal for any "Car" type website. If you are looking for a dark (gray and black) background this is the template for you. With 14 different module positions, you'll have plenty of options for displaying your content!
Featuring a some great GNU GPL Joomla extensions, this Joomla theme is easily customizable.
* MooTools enabled
* Custom Joomla Login Form
* Custom Registration forms
* Slideshow - the popular slideshow module mod_slideshow is used to display a rotating images
* JooTube - used to dynamically display YouTube video
* RokTabs - Created by the team at, we use this hot extension to dynamically display a Flexible tab based content module.

nemesis media
DEMO Joomla Auto Club CMS Template
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