Praise University Joomla template 2010

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Introducing Praise University Joomla CMS Template by JoomlaPraise. This Joomla CMS Template is perfect for any website dealing with education, whether it be a university, college, academy, high school, elementary school or non-profit.
Joomla! University Template
Features Joomla CMS template
4 Beautiful Themes
Praise University offers 4 default themes that you can easily customize to make your website yours! If you need help learning how to choose from the 3 themes please review our parameters documentation video or all the PraiseU Videos.
Built-in CSS Dropdown menu styles
Praise University has an included CSS Dropdown menu. CSS menus require less overhead than JavaScript menus and are easier to customize.

15 Joomla CMS template Module Positions
Module positions to help customize your user experience. Praise University offers 15 module positions each and four module styles.

* Joomla! Template
nemesis media

* Joomla! 1.5

* University Website
* Community College Website
* Non-Profit Website
* Educational

Joomla CMS template Menu Compatibility
* Default Joomla! Menu

Joomla CMS Template Options
* 4 Themes
* 15 Module Positions
* Fixed Width
* Color Overrides

* Joomla! 1.5 Template
* Fireworks PNG Source Artwork

Related (Not Included)
* None

* Template Parameters Interface (TPI)
* AdminPraise Lite

DEMO Praise University Joomla template
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