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Our latest version was released February 10, 2009. We are constantly striving to make phpLD better, and support our users so that they will have successful sites. Thank you for your interest in purchasing our software, and we look forward to helping you and seeing your site running phpLD.
Another great advantage of phpLD is the number of templates and mods available. There are complete sites devoted to mods and templates, so in addtion to this site, you will find lots of helpful information elsewhere too. There is no shortage of people available to help you find success with your directory.

We have a very active support forum where people are able to get help, discuss features, request mods, or release mods. If you have questions, you will find answers in the support forum, and we strive to answer all questions.

While phpLD can still be used strictly as a link directory script, it has evolved into a full fledged CMS that allows for page creation, article submission, user submitted content, and the ability to customize nearly everything to fit the needs of your website.

We are currently in version 3.4.0 of the script, and you are invited to take a look at the phpLD Features page to see some of the many features phpLD offers.

Full NEW features:
Mod Rewrite for SEO Friendly Pages (optional) Instead of having URLs like, you will have URLs like
Paypal Integration for Selling Featured Links
Set Expiration for Featured Links (ex. sell monthly, annually, lifetime)
* Check all your links to make sure they are valid. Spider also follows 301s and 302s.
* Check all your reciprocal link partners (if using this feature) to see if they are still linking to you.
* In both checks you may elect to set links that don't validate to inactive.

If you are looking for a way to make it easy to have a system for seeking and managing reciprocal links, this is a strong point of this program. Furthermore, the system makes it very easy to hire freelancers to help you do the work yet maintain a level of quality, and also be able to see exactly how much work was done.

* Enter site name, url and email of webmaster and click submit and an email is sent using the email template you created.
* Multiple Email Templates can be used if desired, so it is easy to send a variety of messages efficiently.
* When submitting, a variety of methods are used to check and then warn you in the event you are trying to email the same person or website. This becomes especially important on large link campaigns over periods of time.
* The PHP Mail Function, Sendmail or SMTP can be used by selecting the preferred method from the drop down menu.

Create Reports of Link Request Emails sent to show your customer
Available in a dozen languages These languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. These come pre-loaded. Also, a few additional languages have been released in the forums, so please feel free to ask if the language you seek is not listed.
Notify Submitter of Link Submission Receipt
Unlimited Categories and Subcategories (tested on 2 million+)
Notify Submitter of Link Acceptance
Powerful Emailer for Link Exchanges
Link Validation
Link Submission

* Visual Confirmation may be enabled to prevent spamming of your directory by bots.
* Reciprocal Links can be required if you wish. If required, then when they click submit it spiders their site to make sure the link exists.
* Multiple submissions from the same site can be either allowed or disallowed.
Google Sitemaps Integration (auto ping google server)
Admin Notifications on New Links (optional)
Yahoo Sitemaps Integration
Show Latest Links
Show Most Popular Links
Google Pagerank (note: banned on some servers)
Business Listings with Google Maps new! Regional directories are getting popular now, and the business listings feature allows for the listing of physical addresses. Then on the detail pages, you can see a map to the location via Google Maps.
Compatable with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
Sort Links by Alphabetical, Hits or PageRank
Display RSS Feed for Each Category (optional)
IP, Domain and Keyword Banning
Limited Access for Editors
Database Backup from within admin panel
3-Way Linking Ability (require reciprocal link to 3rd site)
Open Links in New Window (Optional)
Encrypted Database Passwords
Visual Confirmation (improved in version 3)
Boolean Searches (optional)
Limit Hits on Links from a single IP to prevent "hit spamming"
Edit Templates from Admin
Lots of Free Templates Available for v2 and v3
Templates Easy to Edit Using Smarty
Link Details Page (separate page for each link)
Easily Move or Rename Categories
Links are Searchable in Admin to Help Manage Large Directories
Compatable with PHP 5
Active Support Forum
Many Mods Avaialble
Import Links from XML Source (per category)
Continously being improved and updated We have a new release every few months, and continue to listen to user requests, and try to bring the features people want.
nemesis media
Category Search in the Admin Area
Mass change links and category on a page with checkbox selections
Paypal subscriptions available for payments Sometimes featured links are sold on a subscription basis, so that people can renew after a period of time. This has been a good way for directory owners to continue to bring in revenue from existing clients.
Three category selection methods for submiot form (default, auto-selected and AJAX category selection)
Link validator in admin panel will mark links with reciprocal link pages expired
Send status notifications to link owners with expired link pages
Change currency for payment (ex.: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY)
Option to rebuild all meta tags on admin maintenance page
link to personaly watch reciprocal link page on link edit (admin area)
Admin Configuration Settings

* URL Rewrite (yes/no);
* Show Link and Category Counts (yes/no);
* Show Subcategories below subcategories on main index;
* Show PageRank of links in the directory;
* Sort links in each category by PageRank, Alphabetically or by number hits. Hits are counted with js, so no jump urls are used;
* No Follow Tags (prevent search engines from following links) - there are 3 options: disabled, all or only if no reciprocal link;
* RSS feeds may be enabled so that all categories have an xml feed;
Template switcher and ability to manage and use more templates per installation
Category Search Results (as on DMOZ)
Article Submission by Users new!
Allow users to submit custom META tags for links
Articles Module allows articles to be added into categories new!
Users can comment and rate articles like a blog
Quick subcategory adder makes adding categories faster
Improved search capabilities from within admin
Language editor makes editing language files easier
Set Links per Page
Easy Installation
* Just upload the files to a folder, go to that folder, and follow the instructions. The only requirement is you must setup a mysql database name, login and password. The actual database table creation is performed by the script.
* Customizing the look and feel is also easy. Just modify the header and footer files in the templates folder.
PHP 4 and 5.
mySQL 3.23 and up.
Fedora, RedHat, Windows 2003 and FreeBSD.
Note to windows users: mod rewrite (seo friendly urls) may not be possible.
Reciprocal Links can be Required (optional)
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