RAPIDLEECH 4.1 56 plugin full download

12:53 AM

For you downloader that use rapidleech,here is additional plugins for its.Rev. 41.
[PLUGIN] Added some newly made plugins
[SECURITY] Replaced megaupload download plugin for password protected files, to prevent premium cookie leak
[FIX] Not sure if it will increase speed, but definately updated http.php for socket connections
[FIX] Remove the var_dump in the imageshack.us plugin.
[SECURITY] Prevented same host leeching with bw_save = false
[BUG] Fixed forward slash shown in link list.
[BUG] Fixed list links showing links that are url encoded.
[FIX] Possible fix for mass submit problem with email
[FIX] Fixed a problem with the mail function.
[PLUGIN] Added Supernova member upload plugin (kaox)
[FIX] Merged filefactory free fix (mrbrownee) with premium options pluin
[FIX] Fixed Megavideo upload plugin (minor GetCookies problem)
[FEATURE] Choose between Youtube formats more to follow
[FIX] Updated youtube_com.php download plugin for new selector, and set &fmt=18 back to the default HQ method; also some minor edits to main.php needed
[FIX] Updated hotfile_com.php (kaox), turboupload.com for member upload, and renamed turboupload free to turboupload.com_free.php
[PLUGIN] Added uploadbox.com member upload plugin
[REMOVED] Deleted died hosts plugins.
[FIX] Edited to megavideo_com.php to meet plugin specifications.
[FIX] Fixed a problem where the bar for CPU load and hard drive space are not shown.
[FIX] Removed improper entry from options/.htaccess.
[FIX #0000041] Fixed server info not display in page in classes/.htaccess thanks to capitanonemo
[FEATURE] Added link list feature.
[FIX] Fixed filefactory_com.php premium download plugin. Will now also work with setting a premium (FileFactory) account under Settings Tab.
[FIX] Fixed autoupload opened window is less than entered.
[FEATURE] Now able to preview files and folders inside zip files before unzipping them
[FEATURE] Removed the add directory option when zipping files
[BUG] Fixed adding non-existent zip file when creation of zip file failed
[BUG] Fixed adding extra entry when zip file already present.
[FIX #0000037] Fixed zip features make zip file in "rapidleech" directory not in "files" directory
nemesis media
[PLUGIN] Added uploaded.to member upload plugin
[FIX] Fixed filefactory.com_member upload plugin
[PLUGIN] Added in several of plugins and replaced some older versions with new
[FIX] Fixed unable to pack files.
[FIX] Fixed a js.php problem where it wasn't allowed because of missing directive in classes/.htaccess
[FIX #0000014] Reimplemented fix when autoupload not sending correct file name to upload.php on files with special characters
[FIX] Fixed a typo error in autoupload error message.
[FIX] Fixed youtube_com.php download plugin for getting HQ downloads (untested for all original file formats)
[PLUGIN] Added usershare.net member upload plugin
[SECURITY] Added .htaccess files to each directory (also added index.html files for extra security), and added comment about using checker.php to root .htaccess
[FIX] Fixed existing index.html files' paths to RL logo
[FIX #0000033] Fixed file size not displayed after merging a file without crc
[FIX] Fixed unable to use premium account when auto download in server-side.
[FIX] Fixed unable to split files
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