MyStore Plazza Joomla e-commerce site by templateplazza included Virtuemart addon

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Just released August 6, 2009 by templateplazza joomla cms templates developer,very suitable for your web business with virtuemart addon and amazing sidebar,This month, we dedicated our time and effort for those of you who wants to make an e-commerce website with Joomla. We proudly present : MyStore Plazza, a Joomla template with awesome drag and Drop Shopping Cart feature for your e-commerce site.
As our motto, "great design, great function", this time we try to add a special addition in our new template, myStore plazza, a special Drag and Drop Shopping cart function for Joomla / Virtuemart.
This function is probably the first Drag and Drop Shopping Cart that has been made for Virtuemart, the most popular e-commerce extension for Joomla. With this Drag and Drop Cart function, your online store will have a Web 2.0 touch, where you can drag an item and put in inside your shopping cart, and then it will be immediately updated with AJAX.
And the good news is, you can have all of that without hacking any piece of Virtuemart Codes, it was made purely with template and module. No Hack nerded!
Not only that, MyStore also completed with other supporting functions, whether it's for Virtuemart or for Joomla itself, with modules inside, such as; mod tpslide, mod B, mod C, etc.

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Joomla Compatibility
Joomla 1.5.x
Joomla 1.5.x
Psd Files
Browser Compatibility
Firefox, IE7, Opera, Safari, Chrome
Special Features/ Function / Add On
* Drag And Drop Shopping Cart Function for Virtuemart
* TPBanner Slide Module
* TPRotator Module
* TPVirtuemart Index Module
* Other Modules
Design Variations
2 Design Variations, 13 Font Families, 3 Font Size
Menu Types
Joomla Menu, TP Menu (Dropdown, Dropcolumn, Dropline, Dolphin)
Lightbox Effect
Moo tooltips
Module Positions
24 Fully Collapsible Module Positions
Tableless Design
GZip Loader
IE6 Png Fix

DEMO MyStore Plazza Joomla e-commerce site
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