jom comment pro 3.0.1 joomla component

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Today share is very useful joomla comment component to make your visitor of web or blog more interaction,How JomComment can transform your Joomla! site
* Increase members and visitors participation in your website.
* Gain valuable feedback on each of your article
* Increase visitor's trust. Having comments in your content shows the world how other people value your content
* Google loves new and updated content. Let your visitor to do that for you, for FREE!
What’s so special and unique about Jom Comment?
* Ajax-based. Comment are added on the fly without reloading the whole page. Ajax not only saves you server bandwidth, but new comments appear graceful, slick and smooth
* Comprehensive SPAM Protection. Fight SPAM bots and v!@gra(h) vendors! Jom Comment offers comprehensive Spam protection with Captcha image challenge, domain and IP blocking, word censorship and blocking, flood control and more Spam control options for you to choose from. You can also block specific IP address from adding new comments or allow only registered members to post comments.
* Personalize with Templates. The whole comment system layout can be templatized! Jom Comment does not make your comment area look like an alien add-on at your website. Simply change from one look to another just by selecting a new template! You don’t have to hack any codes – just edit the template.
* Third-Party Integration. With just a few lines of code, suitable third-party components can integrate with Jom Comment, adding a powerful and beautiful comment system to their components. Jom Comment is now integrated with JomRes an online booking & hotel management software for Joomla! and the very special VirtueMart, the free shopping cart software.
* RSS feed support. Monitor new comments through rss feed. Let search engines pick it up and index your comment.
* Import all your AkoComment and ComboMax data. Don’t worry about the existing comments you have. Jom Comment can import ALL your AkoComment and ComboMax data into Jom Comment system in seconds. You’ll be up and running in no time.In our new version, you can import comments from MosCom and !JoomlaComment too.
* "Read More"integration. You can integrate "Read more..." link in the same line as "Add comments". Take a look at how this works in our front page. Your website looks extremely professional and it doesn't make your comment system look like a hack job.
* Language Support. Jom Comment supports data in the universally accepted future format, utf-8, which means YOUR language will be supported (eg, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc). Plus, we also have user translations for French, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Turkish!
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* Developer Support. As a commercial product, you won't be left in the dark if you found a bug or if you have feature requests. It is our responsibility to keep our paying customers happy!
* Gravatar Support. Bring your Global Avatar everywhere you go. Jom Comment let’s you have that personal touch alongside your comments!
* Word-Censor. You can block some words from your comments completely, or have the option to make it look this way – c******d
* Comment Moderation. Moderate comments before they get posted. Take control of who says what at your website!
DEMO jom comment pro 3.0.1 joomla component
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