Flash web Realistic fireworks behind your foreground

9:42 PM

At a first run it i very impress with cool animation per image change,and animation still play while at static page. this amazing flash gallery for you if you,more attractive to keep your visitor stay and look your portfolio or gallery showcase.- Low CPU usage (explosions are prerendered)
– File size : 58kB + size of attached foreground
– Very easy to use, just move „Fireworks” folder into your project library and place proper MCs (fireworks container + foreground) on your scene.
– Fireworks animation is based on timeline so you can easily change scenario of explosions (time , emiter places), size of MC to fit perfectly to your website projects. You need to have basic knowledge about flash CS3 interface.
– You can add some extra layers over it like in preview
– No Action Script knowledge required
nemesis media
They are only for presentation purpose and are not subject of this sell.
Created in Flash CS3 , published as Flash 8 version.
DEMO Flash web Realistic fireworks
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Download Flash web Realistic fireworks