Yootheme Phoenix - Joomla Template July 09

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Very NEWEST joomla pro template shared here by YOOtheme template,just released on july 2009,you must take it out...cool and nice also come with rich latest web technology of current template.We are happy to announce that with our new template Phoenix we are introducing a new era in YOOtheme templating: our shiny new Warp framework.
"The new Warp template framework is amazing!"
Warp is what's under the hood of a YOOtheme template. With Phoenix, you get a wide range of awesome new features. First of all, there is our amazing new multi-column dropdown menu, which is a true novelty for the Joomla world: You can set as many columns as you want, set the column width in the backend, display big icons for second level items ... you gotta check it out yourself, it looks so cool!
Phoenix also comes with lots of modules, some of them with color variations. Now you can also show icons in your module headers. Phoenix provides an endless supply of combinations of module styles, colors, badges and icons. The new 2-1-3 column ordering makes Phoenix super search engine friendly. The two nested 3-column-layouts makes your website amazingly flexible. And also, this is our fastest template ever, sporting a new way of CSS/JS compression and background image sprites.
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Warp5 Framework
This template is based on the Warp5 framework. Warp5 is a slick and powerful template framework for Joomla that lets you create sophisticated Joomla templates in no time. It provides a hybrid fluid-pixel grid and all the elaborate functionalities that make our templates easy to edit, nice to look at and super fast, in every browser.
Menu System
The menu system enhances Joomla's menu functions to create clearly arranged interfaces even for comprehensive sites

Module System
The module system provides a clear grid for Joomla modules and a wide diversity of templates for module variations

Design and Styles
We included a lot of different module and typography styles. So you can give your site a unique look and it will also ease your work when setting up your content.
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This template is fully compatible with all YOOtheme products like the YOOtools, the ZOO and the Teamlog extension.
All YOOtools extensions are working right out of the box. Take a look at the demo pages and watch the video tutorials.
* YOOaccordion
* YOOcarousel
* YOOdrawer
* YOOslider
* YOOscroller
* YOOsearch
* YOOgallery
* YOOmaps
* YOOtweet
* YOOtooltip
* YOOtoppanel
* YOOeffects
* YOOlogin
* YOOholidays
* YOOiecheck
* YOOsnapshots
This template validates to XHTML and CSS web standards and is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers and cool Accordion Menu.
DEMO Yootheme Phoenix Joomla Template
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