Vivvo Cms 4.1 Developer Version avaiable download

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Vivo very suitable with your site if you're need for content management sysytem of news and related developer.Today this vivo CMS ready share here,see a detail first before you take it out,
If you are looking for a scalable and robust platform for managing content in a large corporation, university, non-profit organization or a medium-sized business, Vivvo provides you with a professional-grade solution that meets your needs. Vivvo CMS benefits from a large client-base with several thousand websites developed in over 20 different languages, including right-to-left languages (RTL). Many Vivvo-based websites involve sophisticated designs, customizations and integrations with other systems, including popular forum software packages as well as social networking and e-commerce solutions.Busy developers and design studies usually choose our Developer License, offering unlimited number of domains and premium support, as the most cost-efficient platform for online publishing.
* OO design - Fully Object orientated
* Model-view-controller architecture - Completely separated data presentation from business logic
* Ajax orientated template output - Single template output for data sharing
* Component based templates - Dynamic loading of JS/CSS from templates enables you to easily create reusable components
* Powerful template engine (VTE) - All the heavy burden for custom appearance and functionality is being shifted towards templates, which are now able to perform even the most complex tasks.
* Custom field mapping - Vivvo allows you to easily create field mappings for a myriad of custom database field types. With this important feature you can easily extend the functionality of your website by adding specific attributes. For example instead of category/article/author paradigm, you can make events/performers/venues schema, or whatever you or your client needs.
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DEMO Vivvo Cms 4.1 Developer Version
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