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Its great vbulletin forumboard plugin,You can now truly reinvent the power of your vBulletin forums and bring endless customization and individuality to each!
Advanced Forums gives you the chance to take your individual vbulletin forums, and customize each of them to their fullest potential. This allows you to focus more on certain forums, and give them the structure and design that they deserve.
In addition to over 13+ new options that you will have per forum, The Advanced Forums system now gives you the oppurtunity to assign individual layouts to each of your forums.
What does this mean?
Not only can you utilize the loads of options we've added in the forum manager. However, you can also assign layouts per forum, in order to totally customize the look and feel of each.
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Assign Forum Layouts
* Choose from 2 layouts we've added for you!
o Article Layout
+ Customized Forum Display (view demo)
+ Customized Thread Listing (view demo)
+ Customized Thread Page (view demo)
o Graphic Layout
+ Customized Thread Listing (view demo)
+ Customized Thread Page (view demo)
* Create your own layouts!
o Customize Forum Display
o Customize Thread Listings
o Customize Thread Page (customizable first post)
* The Layout Manager is loaded with features for endless customization to your forums

Over 13+ New Options in the Forum Manager
# Show first post on all pages
# Show thread preview below title (on forumdisplay)
# Hide All Post Elements
* Hide all post elements from the showthread pages. This includes all posts (other than the first), quick reply, unneeeded buttons, and posting rules. Making it so that nothing shows but the first post.

# Include Discussion Page
* If you've selected to hide post elements, you may include a "discussion" page. All other posts towards the thread are shown in this page. In addition, post elements will be visible in this page.

# Hide Thread Headings Row
* This is the headings row that has the words "Thread/Thread Starter, Last Post, Views, and Replies

# Hide Reply Column
# Hide Views Column
# Hide Last Post Column
# Show attachment on Forumdisplay?
* This will replace the thread's icon with a thumbnail of the first attachment made.

# No attachment image
* This is the image that will be displayed when no attachment is available, if you've enabled attachments to be shown on forumdisplay.

# Replace the newthread.gif button
* Replace the alt hover text of the button (for seo and usage purposes)

# Replace Instances of "Thread"
* Replace all instances of the word "thread" within this forum. For example, if this forum is for articles, you can enter "Article".
DEMO Vbulletin Advanced Forums V1.0
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