php micro blogging community script 1.3 by x10media

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Start your own blog community with this null php script to communicate with other blogger or online communities,very useful php script,Your site will host the best of blogging and social networking rolled into one, as a microblog. Users will sign up at your service and begin posting their ramblings in minutes. All other users will be able to instantly see and follow their favorite microblogs on your microblog host. Give your users the freedom to express themselves and the heartwarming experience of friendship online. It is similar to twitter, but it is all yours and you decide what it looks like and how it runs. Everything is in your control when you use x10 Micro Blog Community to run your own microblog host.
Script also includes a Wordpress Theme.

nemesis media
User side
NEW With v1.3
* Search friend function
* Invite Friends
* Captcha
* @Reply feature (Comments)
* Use of animated Gif for your Avatar and images upload

- Ajax Tabs
Posts, Images, and Url Tabs are all ajax with no refresh.
- Micro Blogs
Post sayings, what your doing, where you been, where your going, simple things..
- Widget
Users can Embed a Widget on to there myspace, anywhere they like that will automatically update with new posts when posted on your site.
- User Registration
Users can sign up to post blogs, images, links and lots more.
- User Profiles
Users will have there own profiles where users can quickly see all there posts.
- Widget Uses
Users can use the widget to use as a news update, friends update, and more! Can be for a whole type of crowd.
- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.

Admin side
- Now with more advertisement spaces, quickly monetizeyour site!
- Added Keywords and Description metatags for Search Engines
- Provide dynamic or customizable Title for SEO purpose
- Direct URL to profile with SEO title
- New Updated Cool Design with PSD provided for the Logo
PHP (version 5+)
* MySQL (version 4 or higher)
* PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
* Ioncube Loaders (this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
* GD Library 2
DEMO php micro blogging community script
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