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Joomla! K2, Superblogger, & Content Blog Template
As we know joomla as a best content management system platform got various purpose one of them is for blogs activities, also there are more joomla web templates to applied by various joomla templates web developer,here is just released joomla template by Joomlapraise developer at July19th, 2009. This SUPERBLOGGER template come with awesome component by jpraise its self and make your blog activity better.take a features and full download template here.
Introducing SuperBlog by JoomlaPraise. SuperBlog incorporates two very powerful extensions, K2 and the Superblogger plugin (both from JoomlaWorks). The Superblogger plugin that elaborate on the core Joomla Content Component, and K2 will replace it. If you're fine with the core Content Component that comes with Joomla! we've styled it to work great for blogging as well!
SuperBlog is a Joomla! template from JoomlaPraise combining extensions created by JoomlaWorks. Increase your website potential with the SuperBlogger plugin by JoomlaWorks. We've created built in styles to accommodate the SuperBlogger plugin so there is no need to create your own stylesheets.
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Not only does the SuperBlog template accommodate the SuperBlog plugin but we've also made additional accommodations for the K2 component by JoomlaWorks. K2 is a component meant to replace the default com_content component of Joomla!

To top it off we've even created custom built in FrontPage SlideShow modification to match. Utilize these by selecting the"Uncut" template in the module's parameters.
17 Module Positions

Module Positions to suit your needs.

Optimized for the K2 Component, Supperblogger Plugin, and Front Page Slide Show Module

This template was made with (but not exclusively for) the K2 article management component, Super Blogger Plugin, and Front Page Slide Show Module

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1, 2, or 3 Columns
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Joomla! Template
Joomla! 1.5
Blog Website
Menu Compatibility
Default Joomla! Menu
Template Options
* 1,2,3 Columns
* 17 Module Positions
* Fixed or Fluid Width
* Color Overrides
* 3 Themes
* Sidebar Switch
* Joomla! 1.5 Template
* Fireworks PNG Source Artwork
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