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If your project implies a presentation of your works for the visitors of your joomla site check out another joomla portfolio here. It will create a catalogue of any kinds of items for you. The potentialities of these two joomla portfolios are different!
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With this joomla portfolio component students, employees and others can create their online portfolio!
Advanced access control will let a user decide who will be able to read and comment his joomla portfolio. There are many configuration features like the ability to upload files to portfolio, calendar and events by users and others!
Who can use E-portfolio?
* professionals wanting to have their own advanced blog with features such as forum and calendar
* people looking for job to list their CV's
* students and graduates having their portfolio ONLINE to be visible for teachers, parents, CEOs, etc.
* anyone who wants the worls to know who they are, what they do and have already done!

After joomla portfolio is installed you can create a menu item to have the component shown on your site's front end.
Admin has the ability to create "front-end categories" (by default "classes") where users will be divided. The admin as well decides if he wants users can add themselves to these categories in the front-end or only administrator can do it in the back-end.
When a user is logged in (and if he is already included into one of the categories) he can add information about himself (default language labels can be changed in the language file), add event, upload files (allowed file types are defined by administrator from the back-end). There are two groups of users in e-portfolio: teachers and students (it is seen only from the back-end and you can change the labels for your front-end users).
DEMO joomla plugin and component E-portfolio full
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