Flash xml web template profesional business

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This awesome flash xml template, a background can customize easy through xml,cool menu option with highlight scrollbar,easy to control contents and recomended for your business profile website.
* XML based navigation menu
* logo can be changed via XML file. [jpg, gif, png or swf]
* background can be changed via XML file
* MP3 Music can be changed via XML file
* XML footer text.

XML Slideshow – Banner – Home page
* XML slide show banner/rotaotr.
* This banner can load unlimited slides.
* Slides can be JPG , GIF, PNG . or SWF .
* You can setup delay and link[href] for each slide separately.
* This slideshow can support Auto Play on/off.
nemesis media
HTML Content Page 1 – ABOUT US page
* HTML Content page one can load HTML text which can easily be formated via CSS .
* This page can support scroll bar.
* Scroll bar auto hides if total text height is less then the content area.
* This HTML text can Support Images as well. via image tag used in HTML .

HTML Content Page 2 – Aim page
* In addition to HTML content page one, this page can load an external image at the right of the text.
* Although you can load image inside text but this is a good representation of text and image.
* In image area you can load [ JPG , GIF, PNG , or SWF ].
* Why don’t load SWF containing video. WOW would look great.

XML Generated Services / Items / Products
* As all items are generated via XML file.
* Thumbs are loaded from external folder via XML and All text as well.
* Text is HTML and CSS formated. So you can easily play around to suit your need. But there is no scroll for the item text.
* Text is limited to the height of the thumb.

XML News Module
* Support unlimited News Items.
* You can set DATE and TEXT via XML file.
* Text is HTML and CSS formated, Using “CDATA“ so text can support hyperlinks and Images.

XML Photo Gallery
* Gallery can support unlimited images.
* Support JPG , GIF, PNG and SWF files.
* You can modify photo thumb, large image url via XML file.

* If you want to add another page to this template then this is the part for you where you can add your own modified and produced SWF file.

* All text is HTML and CSS formated
* text is loaded via XML file and can support scroll bar
* contact form is PHP supported

* This template comes with a very well explaind HELP file
* everything is well organised
* all code is well commented
* library items are well organised
DEMO Flash web template profesional business
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