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Single page SImple_age module is the simplest, it can easily be changed by changing the text and graphics directly your photos with a flash instruments.List This module has an XML file generated list. It can be used at the client list, work, partners and links …Video Module This module has a major building block of the video, perfectly integrated into the project. It was designed as the perfect page to display a video reel, a video presentation, a demonstration video …XML page multivideo With this module, you can make a lot of videos. The list of videos is the XML generated.
Gallery is the module with the classic gallery thumbnails and large images, focused entirely on XML. It can display horizontal and vertical images or swf.
Multigallery A large gallery with subgalleries, title, date, description, link.
A contact form page with the php mail with grace HOW IT WORKS The portfolio is easy to customize its XML structure. The menu is dynamically generated. The structure of the model can be customized according to your needs. You can edit, add or remove items from the menu simply opening a text editor file home.xml. With the home.xml you can also alignments, colors, columns and rows in your menu. The bulk of the portfolio is designed to be an essential solution to the organization of a portfolio in a few steps.
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RANDOM INTRO One of the original features of the bulk of the portfolio is that you can decide to load the home page randomly. Through the main xml, you can choose the number of home page you want to load randomly. Detailed instructions in the package.
* Fit the big screen
* Fully configurable Navigation
* Dynamic Menu
XML dynamic projects and art galleries
* Links in the main menu
* Fullscreen Button
* Galleries of sliding movement to show large images
* Random Home
* Background Music
* Contact form with php mail with grace
* HTML help file and detailed
* ActionScript 2
* Flash CS3
DEMO Essential Portfolio Flash Website
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