NattyWP Premium Templates - Suit Wordpress May 2009

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We want to share this very PREMIUM templates, we like it and look stylish design by nattywp wordpress templates developer, their released at 18th May 2009, and you can review your self about this...we share here for you...hard to find..
Suit wordpress theme - unique CMS template for wordpress, it is supplied with 9 additional widgets and color managing module. You can change font size, any color or background image.
Nattywp Suit Overview :
A specially developed block for managing colors will help you to configure the background, links, headlines and menu color etc. Be creative and design the color scheme suitable for your site.
The theme is supplied with fully widgetized Sidebars. The theme includes 3 page templates (Archives, sitemaps and fullwidth), 6 additional widgets from NattyWP and 9 widget positions.
* Built-in color and background settings. See screenshot
* 3 additional page templates (Archives, Sitemap and Fullwidth)
* Feedburner subscribtion
* 6 additional widgets and 9 different widget spaces
* A completely widgetized sidebars with special widgets, developed by NattyWP
* Comfortable and simple managing of banners and Adsense in the blog using special NattyWP widgets.
* Built in Theme Options panel, available through Wordpress Admin, for the detailed set up of your theme. See screenshot
* Image Resizer, authomatically creating thumbnails for blog posts.
* Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments. Threaded comments support.
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Suit theme Features :
* Unique settings of the theme enable to change the font size and color, color of links, background image, header image, etc. Thus, the customization doesn't require any knowledge of html and css. You will be able to create your color scheme in no time at all
* You can choose whether the full post should be displayed, or it would be a short outlay.
* Thanks to the additional widgets you can use Twitter, Flickr, Feedburner and so on.
Advanced info:
* Optimized for Wordpress 2.7+ version
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
* Fully compatible IE7, Safari 2+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+
* CSS Based Design
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