Invision Powerboard 3.0 STABLE-RETAIL with converter plugin

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i have just heard that best forum platform Invision Powerboard (IPB) just released new version 3.0. and will posted here to share with you, this best forum platform script.Invision Power Services is one of the world's leading providers of community solutions. Some of the world's largest companies have chosen IPS software to power their online communities, as well as countless thousands of small to medium sites.
Our hosting division is focused on providing high-quality, reliable hosting services that can scale the needs of each customer. IPS Hosting offers a range of shared hosting packages, dedicated servers and our unique community hosting packages, and has extensive experience in crafting enterprise-level web and community hosting solutions.
In the near future, IPS will launch its IPS Business subsidiary, which will bring our vision of providing complete ecommerce and community creation and management packages one step closer.
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Extreme Performance With No Compromise
We've pored over every line of code in IP.Board to squeeze every bit of speed from it as we can - the result? Even better performance and stability than before, with no compromise on features.
Better performance
We've tweaked IP.Board to the hilt to make it one of the best performing yet most feature-packed bulletin board systems available today. Larger forums will reap the benefits of the improved speed and efficiency that IP.Board 2.3 brings, while smaller forums can look forward to the future knowing IP.Board will scale with their community.
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New 'Pro' skin
IP.Board introduces a new 'Pro' skin, included alongside the traditional default skin. The Pro skin has been trimmed and slimmed to make it both a slick and professional default skin for boards that want a more subdued feel, and an excellent base for skinners to develop new skins from, quicker than ever.
Brand new Personal Profile
The personal profile feature has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with a large focus on social networking features, such as profile comments and user rating.
Buddy lists
Users can now add other users to their buddy list, easing communication between friends and building new relationships. Troublesome users can be ignored.
New Rich-text Editor (RTE)
IP.Board brings an all-new rich-text editor, making it easier for your users to apply various formatting to their posts, and see the formatting as they type it

IPB 3 Converter plugin (retail)
IPB 3.0 Converter
This is the converter for the previously mentioned forum software IPB 3.0
vBulletin --> IP.Board
vBulletin's Calendar feature --> IP.Calendar
vBulletin's Albums feature --> IP.Gallery
vBulletin Blog --> IP.Blog

DEMO Invision Powerboard 3.0
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Download Invision Powerboard 3.0
Download Invision Powerboard 3.0 Converter plugin