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The hwdVideoShare video sharing gallery is an open source (GNU GPL) video sharing Joomla extension that functions like that of other popular video sharing websites such as YouTube. It features multiple uploading tools for large media uploads. The component requires FFMPEG, MENCODER and FLVTOOL2 to run and supports the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob video formats.
Videos from third party sources such as Youtube.com, Video.google.com, Blip.tv, DailyMotion.com, Jumpcut.com, Gametrailers.com, Revver.com and Vimeo.com are also supported. These third party videos slot seamlessly into the component with the rest of the uploaded media, and in most cases these videos can be played through the local video player.
The component features a plugin management system for template, language, video player and third party video support. Users can interact with the video pages without disturbing the video playback. They can rate, comment, report and add videos to their favourites.
nemesis media
We have also worked with JomSocial to produce a fully integrated video plugin for their social networking component. Display video directly on users' JomSocial profile pages.
The hwdVideoShare component is part of the hwdMediaShare package created by Highwood Design, which also includes hwdPhotoShare and hwdRevenueManager. hwdRevenueManager can be used to manage text, image and video adverts in hwdVideoShare.
Currently, our video script integrates with Jom Social, Community Builder, Jom Comment, JComment, JACL, AdSense, Longtail, sh404sef and ARTIO JoomSEF.
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