Floatingdreams premium wordpress template - themelayout 2009

6:36 PM

first time i'm very impress with this template of gravatar and date post placed on left of each features posts,very nice...this template got light brown background, and you can customize your self if prefered,here is a detail of this premium template by themelayout developer on 2009.
nemesis media
Added on : April 20 2009 - 08:12:59
Template Name : floatingdreams
Compatibilities : Valid XHTML/CSS. Widget Ready. Latest WordPress Supported. Includes PSD/graphic source files, logos, themes & script files.
CSS, Content Management System, WordPress template, WordPress theme, Blog, Cms, Themes, W3c, Xhtml
Unique Price : USD 2495.00
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Please Report ASAP if there some dead links with reply or post comment here...thanx... a download link button bottom under of this image....
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