EmageView XML script download

11:35 PM

If you need nice flash photo gallery based on xml script, you can download it here and see a detail first,EmageView is a Flash Photo Gallery with the following features:
Offline & online management of your images (scaling, thumbnail creation, uploading) Browsing in File, Date or TimeLine mode
Support images/flash/video/external links (YouTube, DailyMotion, GoogleVideo e.t.c.)
Secure individual images with password protection
Optimized for large databases (tested with over 20.000 images)
Polaroid mode that displays random images
No programming, scripting or html knowledge required
nemesis media
Mousewheel support for zooming on the images
Users of your site can view your images in colored, desaturated, black & white, sepia, blue or green modes
Full control over brightness, contrast & saturation
Description and keyword tagging of images for text search functionality
Alphabetical & chronological folder lists
Will integrate with Flickr & FaceBook
DEMO EmageView XML script
Please Report ASAP if there some dead links with reply or post comment here...thanx... a download link button bottom under of this image....
Download EmageView XML script