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Keep your restaurants' menus on your website up-to-date with ease. No programming knowledge required. We install this script for you and setup your menus on your current website so that all you have to do is add your food items.
Key Features:
* Easy to use web-based contro panel
* Create unlimited food menus as needed (seasonal, holiday, specials, etc.)
* Add, edit, rearrange and hide/show your menus with ease
* Use type or graphics for menu name (Lunch, Dinner, etc.)
* Use type or graphics for food category name (Appetizers, Salads, etc.)
* Hide or show menu items as needed
* Integrates into your design seemlessly
* Customize your menu layout or select classic or standard layouts provided
* Free installation
Restaurant Menu 2.0: Manage your online restaurant
Program Name : Restaurant Menu
Release Version : 2.0
Release Type : Restaurant Online Menus
Prog Author : Cavescripts.com
Home Page : http://www.cavescripts.com
Project by : WS & ALL Team Members
Distribution : via WST distros/dumps
Protection : SourceCop/Base64, Callbacks, Links, Copyrights
Compatibility : Win32, Linux, Unix
Server Req. : PHP/MySQL
Language : PHP/MySQL
DEMO Restaurant Menu Script v2.0
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Download Restaurant Menu Script v2.0