Attachmax Video File v2.1.0 PHP script

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The Attachmax script is the best Video Script on the web. I've spent much time searching for the right Video Script to implement for my Yooxe project, but i didn't find a script more powerful than attachmax.
It's very easy to modify and realise your ideas.
nemesis media
Contained in this feature Chart, Will list every Attachmax and what each function does and the purpose that it carries.
* Adding custom flv player to AttachMax
* Admin Categories
* Admin Config Section
* Approve Rss Feeds
* Changing Contact Email
* Changing Flash Player Text
* Convert wmv files Automatically
* Encoding Video with set Quality Levels
* Finding and setting FFMPEG location
* Rapidshare Timer Settings
* Tariffs
nemesis media
Attachmax requires a web server, PHP4 (4.3.3) + and MySQL (4.1)
Your database user will also need sufficient privileges to run Attachmax.
- GD
- Mysql 4.1 Or Greater
- FFmpeg
NOTE: the Apache web server and MySQL database are recommended;
Other Webserver combinations may work, but havent been tested.
- Patching of php for Progress Meter (can use animated Loading bar)
- Mod Rewrite to make use of SEO short url's.
DEMO Attachmax Video File v2.1.0 PHP script
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