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Turn your wordpress into magazine styles,ArtFull is a strong theme with amazing potential, especially for mixed media bloggers. This theme was built by miloIIIVII, a professional Web and graphic designer. The ArtFull theme reflects this professionalism as it is certainly not like any other theme I have seen. Just a glance at the demo makes you say “Wow. I want my blog to look like that.” This blog takes a lot of different design elements and weaves them together without making the blog look cluttered or messy.
If you are a prolific Blogger who has experience with html and coding you will love this theme. The artistic quality of this theme is insane, and it is fully configurable for people who know what they are doing. As previously mentioned, this theme is perfect for mixed media Bloggers or photobloggers. This theme might be a little much for bloggers who deal primarily in the spoken word, or who do not want to mess around with their blog content that much. This theme almost begs to be tinkered with.
nemesis media
nemesis media
Be warned that what you get when you download this theme is not what you see in the thumbnail. This site is fully customizable, so it starts out with a basic white background and no graphics. It is up to you to change the background colors and add graphics. Obviously if you know how to code and manipulate themes, this won’t be any problem. The site is also set up to have two different designs: one for the front page of the website and one for the individual post pages and archives.
As previously stated, bloggers who work with different media will love this site. It was set up to accommodate different types of content. A text-based blog might get lost in the confident design of the theme
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