Yahoo! 360 to Shut Down and got new profile on July 2009

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I have just see the article on the internet and that this may be for you the fan a 360 should read it, why? only seen the latest news from yahoo! 360, direct from Yahoo! Community Manager, it's up to you next article about this that I can, and hopefully add information, simply read .. .. During the last two years there has been much discussion about the closure of Yahoo! 360 ° and the transition to our new profile that has been our experience in the work. At this time, we can firmly say that on 13 July 2009 Yahoo! 360 ° will closing and you will be asked to move to a new profile on Yahoo!, The 12 July 2009.

While we know that many of you have been faithful to use the service during the last few years, our goal has been to find ways to unify your experience and social relationships in all of Yahoo! travel and where you are on the Web. So, even though we are sad to say that we will not support Yahoo! 360 °, we are very excited about this great plan and hope you will go through the transition and be a part of that, also.

We also want to reiterate our commitment to preserve the content of your blog. We have been working to make sure we put the right mechanisms in place, so you can move content and minimize interference. It is with this thought in mind that we are happy to introduce new features that have integrated blogging into your profile. You can find more information about below.

With a new profile on Yahoo! You can connect with other people on Yahoo!, And various activities and update you with the people you meet on the Web.

Although we know many of you are frustrated by this decision, we'd like to address some questions you may have. If your question has not been for these changes, please see our Help page and a list of frequently asked questions for more information. You can also leave a comment below and I will try to my many questions as you may. Although I can not promise to answer every question, I can promise to make a post about common problems and trends to ensure the "hot topics" addressed.

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Why Yahoo! 360 cover?

Although 360 have a strong core of loyal users (you) who enjoy this service, Yahoo! reprioritizing has several products to help us provide the best possible to the consumer. The decision to close the Yahoo! 360 and the transition to the user profile is part of a larger strategy, but we have to wait until we have an alternative solution that we can offer to the people of Yahoo! 360 users until we officially close the 360.

There are almost two years since the first time 360 has announced the death-why was it now?

Before we can dismiss 360, we must find solutions that are sustainable and adequate for your personal information. We know how important your blog entries and profile information for each of you is, and we want to be able to maintain the integrity of this content. Rather than rushing the process and the risk of lost data, we are working on solutions that are more broadly across the Yahoo! that the future will meet our goal to provide the best possible social experience while at the same time protect the privacy and data. We're happy to say that we now have a solution that meets all these requirements.

What will happen to my blog?

We know that many of you decide to blog in the 360 because you enjoy the content you share with the people you met on Yahoo!, Is why we have created two options for your blog and all its contents.

The first is: You can start a blog on your profile on Yahoo!-We 've created a new blog all the tools that will make you post your content and also allows you to integrate photos from Flickr right. After you create your notes, your post will automatically push the update out in the stream to your connection, you save the hassle of sending out a link to your latest entry.

The two options that we provide you is the ability to export your blog and all of your content and any of the supported blogging system (do not worry, they're popular sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and MoveableType). In fact, we will generate an archive with all the entries and photos and will send you a link to download the archives. To use this option, please follow this link:

First you close the Mash, now you close the 360-why should I give a profile shot?

We understand that you may have doubt-in the last few years, you've seen some social sites come and go, and that means a lot to us that you have stuck around while we've tweaked every experience. Know that we have a commitment to a universal profile in Yahoo!, And we are committed to working with you to improve and develop this profile to ensure that what you will use. That does not mean that we can implement any part of the feedback you give, but it does not mean we listen, and we'll do our best to ensure you will be included in future releases and versions of your profile.

How to customize and photos? 360 I can change the look and feel and upload some photos, can I do with this profile?

At this time, your new profile does not have all the features and functions of the 360 profiles. However, we will explore new ways to combine the self through your profile.

In regards to upload multiple photos, your profile on Yahoo! allows only one image to the main at this time. This is something that we also see an increase / expansion based on your feedback.

We know that you will have many questions about the closing of 360 and how each will affect you. Be sure to see the help page Customer Care (including FAQ's) to help smooth this transition as possible.

Thank you.

Melissa Daniels
Yahoo! Community Manager
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