Wordpress Classified 2.8 Version Premium Template 2009

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Classified Ads for WordPress

ClassiPress is the first and only professional classified ads theme for WordPress. We call it the Craigslist for WordPress.
Version 2.8 just released! Lots of new features including: PayPal integration, five color schemes, multi-language support, AdSense, and much more!
Highlights Include:
  • PayPal Integration - Turn your Web site into a money maker. ClassiPress is built with PayPal integrated right into the theme. This allows you to charge a fee for anyone who wants to post a classified ad on your site. You can also turn this off if you want to offer free ads.
  • Instant Image Uploading - No more having to wait for customers to email you their images before posting the ad. Your customers can attached multiple images directly to the ad submission form.
  • Image Manager - Easily see what images have been uploaded and moderate as needed.

    Auto Expire Ads - Automatically prune ads older than x amount of days. Makes it easier to set an ad price based on a specific time limit.
  • Subcategory Support - Our classified ads system supports nested categories for those who are looking for deeper listing capability.
  • Seller Contact Form - Visitors can easily contact sellers right from your Web site. The Ajax-driven contact form is neatly built into each individual ad page.
  • Integrated Login Box - Sellers can quickly login to post new ads right from your Web site header (optional feature).
  • Report Bad Listings - Visitors can report spam or inappropriate ads on your site. You will be notified by email when this occurs.
  • Multiple Currency Support - Choose from 18 different currencies based on your country location. Whatever currency PayPal allows we support.
  • Email Notification System - Receive an email when a new ad has been created. You’ll also be notified once payment has been made.
  • No Plugins Required - ClassiPress doesn’t require any plugins to work. We do recommend using some plugins though to get the most out of your Web site which are included for free when you purchase ClassiPress.
  • Widgetized Sidebar - Easily ad or remove widgets from the sidebar without having to touch any code.
  • RSS Feed - Visitors can subscribe to your rss feed from any feed reader and instantly see your latest classified ads.
  • Advertising Plugin - Create additional revenue on your Web site by using the optional advertising plugin.

WP classified 2009

New v2.8 Features Include:
  • Five Color Schemes - Now you can choose from five different colors on how you want your site to look. Blue, green, pink, red, and classic colors. Easily change the scheme from an options page drop-down which means no messing with any code.
    Updated Options Page - With improved features comes improved admin options.
  • You now get five option pages to give you more control.
    Breadcrumb Navigation - See exactly how deep you are on a page with detailed navigation links.
    Email and Print - You can now easily have your visitors print and/or email the classified ads by clicking a link!
    Tags - Each classified ad supports multiple native WordPress tagging for improved organization and searching.
    Ad Visitor Counter - Shows how many daily and all-time visitors on each specific classified ad.
    Feedburner Support - The new options page includes a field so you can instantly add your Feedburner URL.
    Google Analytics - No need for a plugin. Just paste in your GA code and you’ll start tracking visitor behavior within seconds.
    AdSense Support - Make some additional advertising revenue with Google AdSense.
  • Just paste in your ad code and it appears on each classified ad.
    PayPal Sandbox Mode - You can now test your PayPal account and process dummy payments before opening your site for business.
    Embed Video - It’s now easy for your customers to include videos in their classified ads.
  • ClassiPress supports YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, Vimeo or any site that provides “embed” code.
    Custom Fields - WordPress allows you unlimited custom fields so why not take advantage of them? ClassiPress now stores all ad meta information in custom fields.
    New Icons - We’ve spiced up ad pages by including some new icons. It’s a great way to help visitors (no matter what language they speak) quickly identify what it represents.
  • Multi-Language Support - ClassiPress now uses the standard WordPress localization framework called GNU gettext. This makes it easy for you to localize the included .pot file and change ClassiPress into your native language.
    Supports 18 Different Currencies - Sell classified ads using almost any currency in the world. With PayPal as our payment processor, we make it easy to be a global business.
    Improved SEO - We understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). That’s why we’ve baked in enhancements to help your site rank better.
Additional Benefits:
  • Ease of Use - ClassiPress was designed to virtually work right out of the box. All configuration is done through the management page without having to touch any code.
  • Tight Integration - ClassiPress works as a standalone website or can easily integrate with your current WordPress instance.
  • Easy Management - We designed ClassiPress with ease of use in mind. A dedicated options page is included for easy setup of all your Web site classified ad settings.
  • Support Forum Access - Our support forum is always available to you. There you can read about solutions and/orpost your unanswered questions.
  • Free Updates Forever - Buy today with a piece of mind knowing that any future updates will be sent to you free of charge.

ClassiPress was designed to use the core WordPress features. Each classified ad essentially just uses the WordPress posts functionality and custom fields for the meta information (phone, image locations, end date, location, price, email, etc). The WordPress page functionality works just like normal. When you create a new page it adds a link to it in the footer. ClassiPress even plays nice with most WordPress certified 3rd party plugins (not all plugins have been tested against ClassiPress).

some additional ClassiPress screen shots from behind the scenes within the WordPress admin area:

What a submitted and approved classified ad post looks like
The “Configure” options admin page
The “Settings” options admin page
The “Payments” options admin page
The “Categories” options admin page
The “Images” options admin page

We are constantly working on adding new features and enhancements and all future versions are free to existing customers so you don’t need to worry about paying upgrade costs later down the road. So after you’ve made the purchase you can just sit back and relax while we work hard to make ClassiPress better with each new release.


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