Joomla VBulletin Bridge Plugin

5:09 PM

Joomla VBulletin Bridge jvb LATEST plugin from bbpixel
BBPixels Latest Release of JVB Plugin

1. Version number 15.37.5

* Once login and be logged in both Joomla & vBulletin
* Registration through vBulletin to security your site
* User Control Panel through vBulletin to focus one place control
* User Management through vBulletin to focus one place control
* Joomla users and vBulletin users stored through their own
* Support separate database
* Support subdomain name
* No modifing core files *
* Show Latest Threads from vBulletin on Joomla
* Show Who's online from vBulletin on Joomla
* Joomla 1.5 only

2. Requirement

* PHP 5.x or later
* MySql 4.1.x or later

* Plugin script for one installation
* Instruction how to install
* One year update
* Support through Forum/email

This download also includes the plugins to show latest posts and users online from vbulletin on Joomla pages.